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Greatness to the next level

This is the worst app of all time. 0 stars


Best app ever

Bumper crash

It's junk doesn't work,would be cool if it could join another player...0 stars

Doesnt work. :(

I got to iPods and downloaded this game and it still couldnt find opponent and they both had wifi

Stupidest app in the world

Omg u can't even play like I'm so mad and bumper pool is my favorite game. So yea a real dissapointment


Always loses connection


Do not get this app, you don't like ever get an opponent and if you do they leave very stupid and waste of time


the worst game ever I dnt even get an opponment like come on now ! N they want me to rate it's a 0 star da only reason it's a one cuz dey wnt let me put 0


Doesn't work!

It's ok

I like it

Trash app

--------------> THE MAKER SHOULD HAVE NAMED IT "BROKEN." WHY? IT DOESN'T EVEN WORK. IS THIS A PLOY TO GET YOU TO PAY FOR A $2.99 WORKING app¿¿??¿¿?? I do give him 1 star for a nice color green

Bumper Pool

The game is ok but you need to update it to where u play a computer or have a 2 player option on the app instead if having to wait for someone to get on the app it'll be hours before u get to even play the way it is now

Hate it

Don't know how to play plus everytime I play it says opponent has left.

I hate it takes 4ever 2 find opponet

Sooo bad!!!!

Needs penalty for quitting



I never reveiw apps but this app could be very fun but instead it is terrible because you never get to play. You need to be able to play against CPU and there is no way I will spend 3 dollars for the pay version when the free version is unplayable.

Opponents leave

Whenever I play, it says opponent left. And there is only online


Stupid stupid stupid stupid app.

Never get to play

Every time I search an opponent it takes forever but when I do get one they always quit on me after five seconds!!¡¡!!¡¡


"Bugodinho" quits the game when he's losing. Quiting should be scored as a loss!


This is the worst game!! You have to wait for someone and they will quit right after!! Make it so u can play with a two player or itouch/iPhone player and make the searching for someone shorterr and make sure they want to play the game!! And fix BUGs and the CRaSHING!!!

Waste of time

Life is too short to wait on the chance to play this game


How am I supposed to know how the gameplay is if I can't even play??? ........waiting for opponent stupidest app ever

Nobody to play against

Tried to play but can't find any opponents. Should make the game one player vs computer or two human players. Or over the web as an option. Fix that so I can rate the gameplay. A I now it's unplayable.


Ok, being the first to write a review on a APP I'll give you the low down before you download and start writing bad reviews about this game. This game is simple to play only one table and you play with someone "on line" only you can't play by yourself or set it as a two player game. It will look for another ipod "on line" and you will get to play. If you are lucky to find someone that knows the "easy rules" you will get to play a full game. Here's how to play, 1. hit play button. After finding a opponent one person will be white ball and one will be red ball. 2. look at top or bottom of screen and you will see two yellow arrows flashing and pointing to the person up. (if you want to put your name in go to ipod setting app and put your name in before playing). 3. If you see a wait sign in the middle it's not your turn, so if it's your turn keep your finger one the ball with the dot and slide your finger around you will see a pool stick and a black line the black line is what way the ball is going to go when you lift your finger, so aim the black line to your goal and lift finger. 4. If your shot made a goal you get to shoot again so repeat step 3., if you didn't make a goal you will see the wait sign and it's the other players turn. The game is over when someone makes all their balls in. Althouh it's hard to find someone to play against, it's a good quick game, I give it 3 stars because it lacks playing by yourself or a friend off line, and the lack of more tables. It's that simple, so stay in a game to figure it all out before writing a bad review.


Make it where u can play the CPU


It crashes everytime I try to play and when it is not crashing, there is no opponent to play with. So basically you just starring at the 'looking for opponent' screen forever doing nothing. I'm sure this game will be fun. No really. A good thing about this game is that it's free. So there, one star for that.

A plus

This is a good addicting app. Im supprised its free. The only problems are you cannot play a cpu opponent. Its online only and there is nothing to stop your opponent from quitting which happens 3 out of 4 games.

Needs offline play

Can't play an online multiplayer game when everyone quits the game. Tried playing 15 games ad the opponents quit every time...

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